Next Generation Malware And Intrusion Detection
Next-generation malware detection represents a significant evolution in the field of cybersecurity, designed to counter the constantly changing and sophisticated threats posed by malware. Unlike traditional signature-based antivirus solutions, next-generation malware detection employs a range of advanced techniques and technologies to identify and mitigate both known and unknown threats.

Key Aspects Next Generation Malware Detection:

  1. Behavioral Analysis: Next-generation malware detection focuses on analyzing the behavior of files, applications, and processes rather than relying solely on static signatures. It observes how software behaves within a system, identifying deviations from normal behavior that may indicate a malicious intent.
  2. Threat Intelligence Integration: Next-generation malware detection often integrates with threat intelligence feeds and databases. This integration provides real-time information about emerging threats, known malware variants, vulnerabilities, and attack techniques, enhancing the software's detection capabilities.
  3. Cloud-Based Analysis: Our next-generation solution leverages cloud resources for real-time threat analysis. By offloading resource-intensive tasks to the cloud, these solutions can quickly assess files and data against a centralized database of known threats, improving efficiency and accuracy.
Cloud Scanning
Cloud Scanning ensures up-to-the-second protection from new malware that is seen in the wild. When thieves and hackers invent new malware to steal your information, our team of researchers and Artificial Intelligence systems recognize and neutralize the threat.
The Dashboard in BadBadgerAntimalware keeps you informed on the protection status of your computer. It also provides quick access to all of the features of the product.
On Demand Scan
The On Demand Scan gives you the ability to scan your computer anytime you want. Perform a quick scan if your are concerned or a deep scan if you want to ensure your entire system is protected. Other features include:
  • Tracking Item Scanner - Be sure that your browsing behaviors are not being tracked and used to serve you ads or planning of malicious activty.
  • Scheduled Scanning - Scan your computer every night while you are sleeping.
  • Clean Temp Folders - Reclaim space on your hard drive.
  • Custom Scan - Scan only the locations you are concerned about.
Active Protection
The Active Protection engine ensures that no malicious activity takes place on your PC. You no longer need to worry about ransomware encrypting your data and blocking you from accessing important files. Our engine is standing guard so that you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're protected. Along with blocking ransomware, Active Protection stops Spyware, Viruses, Works, Rootkits, Adware, Bots, Keyloggers, ...
Web Browsing Protection
Finally!!! A product that will protect you in real time while you're browsing. You can now browse the internet knowing that your information is protected from Phishing scams, Malicious sites, Man-In-The-Middle schemes, and much more... Using our cloud protection and artificial intelligence, your are protected from threats that may have just come online.

In addition to the protection you receive, you can use the browsing protection to block websites that you don't accessed from your computer. This can be helpful if you want to stop children from viewing inappropriate material.
Firewall protection is vital to stop attacks while on a wireless network. Malicious software can be used to scan your computer for entry points that are exploited to install malware. The Firewall protection features will block these attacks and notify you that someone is trying to access your PC. In addition, you can stop software on your PC from acessing the network if you want to limit data usage or block questionable accesses.
Secure File Delete
Securely delete files from your hard drive knowing that they can never be restored or read again. The Secure File Delete features employs DoD 5220.22-M level file deletion. This algorithm ensures that the data can never be recovered.
Email Notifications
BadBadgerAntiMalware will send you an email to notify you of the results of scan, scheduled scan, or if malware is detected. Knowing immediatly that there is an issue can help to ensure it does not spread to other parts of your network.
Automatic Updates
BadBadgerAntiMalware will automatically update the program and the malware detection engine to ensure that your computer is always protected with the newest technology.
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